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  • Jul28

    Just a quick share with you guys since it’s been a while. I was out at the Music Farm this evening to see my wife’s cousin, Jerry Jacobs play. He’s really matured with his musical style and it’s fantastic to see someone grow from a young kid starting out all the way into adulthood with a bunch of musical experience under his belt.

    Afterwards, we stumbled upon some skaters in the bus depot and I held an impromptu photo session (as seen above).

    I’ve been a busy bee lately and will fill you in on all of the goings on soon. In the meantime, make sure you’re following my Facebook page for the latest sneek peaks into what I’m working on!

    Rock on for now, Wally Gator!

  • Jul23

    Sorry for the last minute notice on this, but I’ll be over at Eco Fitness in Mount Pleasant, SC tonight shooting portraits of club members, trainers, and staff at their club tonight, July 23rd, 2012. The event starts at 5:30PM, and there is also a Sushi tasting party courtesy of Charleston’s O-ku.

    If you’re in the area, please come on by and say hi, have some free sushi, and get your photo made for their website!

    Maybe Amy Hill (pictured above) will jump for you live in person if you ask nicely enough 😉

  • Jul16

    Haley Beach

    I recently started my senior portraits campaign, and Haley, who is my 2012 model and ambassador, had her senior portrait sessions recently. To showcase a range of what I’m doing this year, I shot three different locations. Above is a shot at Folly Beach, and directly below is a shot in downtown Charleston, SC. I also did a few studio shots as well.


    On location shoots, I like to capture an edgier and dramatic look. In the studio though, I tend to favor a high-key look like this:


    A new product that I’m going to start including in my senior portrait packages is a Facebook banner. I used one of Haley’s shots to demonstrate this on the JWNPhoto Facebook Page.

    Part of the fun of these shoots is in the experience. One moment that I’m sure will stand out for Haley and her father during this shoot was when we hijacked a Porsche!


    As we were walking down Chisolm Street, I was making small talk with Haley and I said “Wouldn’t it be awesome if that lady let us take a shot using her car as a prop?” and then I proceeded to do just that. I love this shot because the car’s owner is in the background trying to get out of the way, but she really adds to the whole thing 😉


    We also did some more traditional portraits just to have a little diversity.

    Haley Beach

    Haley B&W

    Here’s a slideshow of all of her photos:

    You can also view them on Facebook here and here, or on Flickr.

    Now is the time to get your senior portraits made, so let’s book a session now. Time is running out on my current promotion, so contact me here.

  • Jul11

    Duncan Davidson: Why do we hate seeing photos of ourselves?

  • Jul5

    4th of July 2012 U.S.S. Yorktown-6

    I was on my way to Folly Beach to catch their fireworks display for the third year in a row when I remembered that I forgot the batteries to my camera in the charger at home! We had a long day – our neighborhood hosted a July 4th picnic and parade which my wife had a huge hand in organizing with the Indigo Women’s Group. It was ridiculously hot today, and there may have been some rum in my sodas.


    I was also tasked with shooting the event and taking some portraits. Here’s a shot of my daughter Mackenzie wearing some crazy patriotic hat:


    So after the parade, I put the battery in the charger and downloaded all of the pics to my computer (I still haven’t even gone through all of those yet except for the two in this post). I then took a nap before heading to the neighbors house for an Independence Day cookout. I timed my trip to the beach without much room for error as to enjoy maximum grilled bacon-wrapped jalapeno goodness. When the time came, I hopped in my car and got about 10 minutes into my journey when it dawned on me that my battery was still in its charger at home. Damn you sun and rum! I did the math and realized that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the beach in time. I had to come up with a plan B.

    I know from history that any family event in Mount Pleasant is always over-populated. If I was going to catch the fireworks over the U.S.S. Yorktown, Waterfront Park in Mount Pleasant has the best view, but also the most people. I was going to take a chance anyway since it was also the closest. I got very lucky in so many ways. 1st, the bridge was still open (they close it during the show). 2nd, I found a place to park within a 5 minute walk to the park. 3rd, I found a relatively people-free spot right on the marshy banks of the Cooper river. The stars had aligned and I was able to capture these:

    4th of July 2012 U.S.S. Yorktown-14

    4th of July 2012 U.S.S. Yorktown-10

    4th of July 2012 U.S.S. Yorktown-8

    4th of July 2012 U.S.S. Yorktown-22

    You can check out all of my shots here on Flickr, and also on my Facebook page.

    I was thinking earlier today about one of my favorite things about living in a free country. For all of the bitching and moaning we do about what’s wrong with our government, the fact that we can bitch and moan about our government is something I think we all take for granted. Freedom of speech is something our founders were willing to die for, and it’s something our military, which is a volunteer military, is still willing to die for. It truly is my favorite freedom.

    I hope you all had as sunny and bright a day as I did! Happy 4th of July!

  • Jul4

    Eco Fitness-4

    Grace, one of the owners of Charleston’s Eco Fitness and Blue Turtle Yoga studios is also a photographer who’s new to studio lighting so she asked me to help her out with a portrait session with Mark, one of her studio’s Yoga instructors. Grace’s idea was to capture some images of her staff members with an item that helps to define them. Above, Mark’s posing with a dragon fruit, and below he’s with his harmonium.

    Eco Fitness-1

    Eco Fitness-5

    Of course, I needed to shoot Grace. I told her to give me her “sexy librarian” and this is what she gave me:

    Eco Fitness-2

    And here’s Grace in action with Amy assisting. This was a shot of the mirror behind us in the yoga studio.:


    These were all shot with my new Nikon D800 with the 85mm 1.8G lens. I cannot stress how amazing this combination is for portraiture. Looking at the full resolution files is just stunning. The clarity is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before from a digital camera. Just tack sharp, amazing contrast, and full of detail. It’s truly a game changer for me. A new camera or lens doesn’t change my style, my lighting, or any of my other abilities. What they do do is expand my ability to capture the images more like the way I actually see them. I can achieve a great look with nothing but my iPhone, but I can’t achieve the level of professional quality that is possible with the D800. Grace was using a kit 18-105 lens with her D7000 (which is another fantastic camera), and then I let her use my 24-70 f/2.8 and the difference in quality was quite obvious even on her camera’s LCD screen. I’m not big on pixel peeping, but when you’re editing portraits in Photoshop with such high resolution files, the quality of lens is obvious – and it makes your job easier as there’s a lot less work to do in post.

    Here’s one last shot I want to show you. It’s Amy, who was assisting us on the shoot today. She was very playful in front of the camera, and this was about as serious as I could get her 😉

    Eco Fitness-3

  • Jul2


    On a beautiful summer’s day in June, 3 people joined together as a family. Eileen & her son Tristan joined Gary Turner in matrimony at Rockville Presbyterian Church in scenic Rockville, SC. This is their story in photos.

    Eileen Gets Ready

    Something borrowed: a family heirloom…


    The church – Rockville Presbyterian:



    The ceremony:




    The newlyweds:



    The Family:



    The Friends:


    The reception:




    Time to head out on their honeymoon: