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Ahh, the big day. Tons of planning, stress, and lots of hard-earned money to pay out. You spend a fortune on the experience – location, entertainment, and food. All of these things are just a memory after the happy couple drives away towards their honeymoon destination. The photography is what solidifies these moments in time and captures the memories forever. These pictures are what your grandkids will be looking at. I may just be the photographer that captures it for you.

Let me explain first by telling you what I am and what I’m not:

  • I am a passionate photographer, I love to create still images. My goal is to capture the image that successfully tells your story. In a time when we have the capability of video chats, but prefer to send text messages, the still image is more relevant than ever. Creating an impactful image will endure every shift in technology and the different ways we communicate.
  • I am one person. If you absolutely need a second shooter or videographer, I can help find one, but I am not liable for them
  • I love to work with you, but I also have my own style. Please make sure that it fits you!
  • Creating artful portraits does take time, and it takes planning to get the best light in the best location. Please be sure to consult with me as you schedule your wedding day.


    OK, if you’re still with me, then great! Here’s how this works, there are a lot of photographers that specialize in weddings so I’m very grateful that you’ve sought me out to celebrate with you. The first step is to contact me so we can discuss your needs. It is imperative that you know what your photography budget is. I don’t want to waste your time, so I will let you know right away if I can offer any of my services within the budget you have.


    Every step of the way in your wedding experience is something I would love to capture. Proposals, engagement parties, bridal portraits, rehearsal dinners, and besides the wedding itself, a trash the dress party is always fun.

    I don’t offer packages. I custom tailor my services to your needs. Please contact me today.

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