Maternity & Newborns


I used to think there was no such thing as a bad baby picture. How can you go wrong? The first rule of creating an interesting photo is to be standing in front of something or someone that’s interesting. Babies are beyond cute. That makes them instantly the most interesting thing in any room. Then came Facebook. We’re now inundated with every baby photo of every person we’ve ever met! I guess familiarity breeds contempt, but it takes more than just having a cute baby in front of the camera to make a cool baby photo these days. Thats where I come in – I’d like to make the photo that your friends won’t be tired of seeing on their Facebook wall!

It’s more than that though, I know not everybody cares about Facebook đŸ˜‰ Lets make a photo that you’ll want to pass down to generations, so that they will be able to spread it around on the social networks of the future as well as hang them on their walls or set them on their desks. These kids don’t stay babies for long, and a great image is still the best way to time travel as of now, so lets make a great memory.

Let’s talk about maternity photos. The form of a pregnant woman is so fantastic. It’s what life is all about, growing and changing. Capturing a mom-to-be is both cute and sexy. Celebrating the magnificence of the female form as well as the miracle of life. I love to straddle that line and give you images that showcase why there is nothing more powerful than the bond between a mother and child.


Session fees are dependent on location and are collected at the time of shoot. The price of each final image is a separate charge that is due at the time of delivery. Please contact me for pricing information.

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