Commercial Photography

CommercialAdvertising & editorial work for both print and web is something I get very excited about. I work with your designers to provide the optimal imagery to promote your brand. Every job is different and I will manage your photography needs so that you can focus on your goals.

I get very passionate about collaboration. Working with a client to develop a vision and then execute it is one of the skills I depend on to fulfill not only your creative needs, but my own creative needs as well. It’s just what I love to do.

Pricing depends on production costs, time, & equipment. Hair, make-up, and location are factors in creating the perfect image for you. Please contact me with your project ideas and we can determine the best use of your creative budget.

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Head Shot Photography

I love people. Seriously – It’s half the reason I love photography (the other reason is I love creating stuff). Creating a great head shot is only partially about being skilled with lighting and a camera. The secret sauce is in the expression. I am a connoisseur of expression. My goal is to capture a head shot that promotes you and your product.

Sure, you can come to my space and I will photograph your headshot there. But, I also love to come to your space and do it because I believe it helps some people feel more at ease. I know it’s intimidating being on your side of the camera, so I want you to feel as comfortable as possible. I also understand that many professionals don’t have time to get their team over to a studio, so I bring the studio to you.

Pricing for head shots include a standard session fee as well as a price per image. I perform all retouching on an image we select together, and grant print and online rights to you for your head shot. Please contact me to discus the best solution for you.

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