I’m not a wildlife photographer…


But I love to shoot the birds and bugs in my backyard.

I’m not a landscape photographer…

Hanging Rock State Park 2012-72

But I love to capture the beauty around me.

I’m not a sports photographer…


But I love to witness mad skillz, yo.

I’m not a street photographer…

Manhattan 2011

But I love to find art in the moment.

I’m not a fashion photographer…


But I love to collaborate with artists to make something interesting.

I’m not an architectural photographer…

Day 146 - United States Customs House

But I love to witness man’s feats of greatness.

I’m not a portrait photographer…


But I love to see a part of a person’s personality conveyed in an image.

I’m not a wedding photographer…

Eileen Bridal-19

But I love to see a bride looking her best.

I’m not an abstract photographer…

Bass Strings

But I love to see the Devil in the details.

I’m not a maternity photographer…


But I love to see a woman becoming a new mother.

I’m not a pet photographer…

Day 144 - Goodbye Max

But I love to capture an old man saying goodbye to his old best friend.

I’m not a music photographer…


But I love music and I think it’s what saved my life.

I’m not a headshot photographer…

Sue Campbell's Head Shot

But I love to capture a person the way I see them.

I’m not a fitness photographer…


But I love to capture a person in the best physical shape they can be in.

I’m not an editorial photographer…


But I love to make a portrait that tells a story.

I’m not an event photographer…

Charleston Brewvival 2011

But I love an opportunity to score a free beer (or seven).

I’m not a fireworks photographer…

4th of July 2012 U.S.S. Yorktown-2

But I love to see things that go boom!

I’m not a travel photographer…


But I love to see new places and faces.

I’m not a fine art photographer…


But I love to stretch my imagination.

I’m not a family photographer…

Family 2013

But I sure do love my family.

I’m not any single kind of photographer.

I’m all of them and none of them.

I’m just a person who loves to capture life in a bottle so I can open it up and share it with everyone else every once in a while.

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