White Keys

It has been awhile since I’ve added images to my Fine Art Gallery. The image above is a brand new image that I created just moments ago, while the other four images are ones I created in 2013. The following two images were created recently while staying at Occoneechee State Park in Virginia. The first was at sunrise on Christmas Eve, while the other was taken the day before during a rainy sunset.

Occoneechee State Park Sunrise

Occoneechee State Park Rainy Day Sunset

This next image was taken during a commercial shoot for a local magazine here in Charleston. It’s a group of Citadel cadets standing in front of a construction wall off of King Street that people have been writing their dreams on. I happened to get a girl walking by in this shot:

Citadel Cadets

And finally, this is an image I’ve posted here before. It’s Sullivan’s Island at sunset on a glorious summer day:

Sullivans Island Sunset in July

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