Mira's Collage

My friend Mira gives the most thoughtful gifts – This is so awesome that I can’t even express how cool I think it is with the right words. She took one of my photographs and created a collage with it that’s just amazing. I just have to share with you all.

Here’s the photo that she used to base it on:

Day 358 - Abandoned Trailer

We have some really cool neighbors also who brought over treats for our dogs. Meiko posed for a little thank you shot, holiday jerky in mouth:

Doggie Thanks

Finally there’s this:

Bird Feeder

My wife Amy is like many people – she hates the Christmas pressure of buying gifts for everyone. Her random gifts throughout the year are the best though. She randomly picked this up over the summer and put it right outside the window where my desk is so that I could look up and watch the birds every once in a while as I edit photos. It’s a perfect gift, and it was given without any pretense or holiday pressure.

Thank you Amy, Mira, and my neighbors Ricky & Evelyn – and Happy holidays to all of you!

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