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I just love faces. I’ve been making my subjects let me shoot close-up shots of their faces lately because I just find them so interesting, both in a human sense as well as an artistic one. That human face is such an amazing and dynamic canvas of emotion. Every split second is different than the next (at least if I’m doing my job right – I don’t like it forced).

The photo above is Eileen’s face as we got ready to do her bridal shoot. The one just below is my daughter’s friend Michaela who got nabbed as my test model while I was setting up my lights.


Next up is Lindsay, who came by the studio for a killer maternity shoot. She’s pregnant with twins and was so gung-ho to get some cool shots. I was amazed by how good she did!

Lindsay Face-1

Finally it’s Gabriel, who is not getting his senior portraits done for another 16 years…

Gabriel Face-1

I’ll have a few new posts coming soon to show some of my favorite shots from each shoot (you can see some of those now on my Facebook page). I’m also shooting at another art show at the beginning of next month, so check back soon for details on that as well.

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